Do You Know What’s in Your Blood? Florida Functional Medicine Does!

Long before you feel the symptoms, you may already be experiencing health problems.

It’s not at all uncommon that someone feels a little less energetic or a little less relaxed, but they aren’t really sure why. So many things can go in these amazing bodies of ours. Do you really know what’s happening in yours.

Do You know that you could be having decreased liver function or lowered kidney function and still not feel symptoms in some cases?

Were you aware that you could be progressing toward an illness that might be preventable or treatable?

How do you know if you’re truly healthy as you hope that you are? How can you stay healthy, gearing the vitamins, the nutritional changes and the treatments that you get toward a healthy body?

Dr. David Tuchinsky, long known as a healthcare practitioner in Florida, can help you determine your current state of health and in most cases improve it.

Beginning with a single consultation where a blood workup will be recommended to help pinpoint minor problems before they become major ones, Dr. Tuchinsky, a functional medicine practitioner will help you to walk a path to wellness.

Once your blood workup is accomplished, you will be given an in-depth, 12 page report that will explain everything that was found in your testing. Further a comprehensive program consisting of nutritional, dietary and lifestyle changes based upon your test results will be recommended.

Dr. Tuchinsky’s Nutrition Report Includes:

  • Individualized supplement recommendations

  • Dietary recommendations with meal recipe

  • Color-coded current and previous test results

  • Complete laboratory analysis to monitor disease processes

  • Lifestyle habits and recommendations

  • Medication side effects

  • Color coded report to identify problem areas

  • Correlation of test results with symptoms

A Complete Nutritional Blood Analysis Will Determine:

  • Your overall health

  • Hidden processes going on in your body

  • Preventative measures that you can take to help you to retain or regain your health

  • What supplements you may need to improve your health or energy level

If you’re feeling tired, worn out or just wish you had a little more breath or a little more energy, chances are there are things going on in your body that you need to know about.

Dr. Tuchinsky can help you to find the path to better health. Call today.